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STOCKING, M. 2009. A global systems approach for healthy soils. In: Bigas, H. et al (eds.) Soils, Society and Global Change. Proceedings of the International Forum Celebrating the Centenary of Conservation and Restoration of Soil and Vegetation in Iceland, Selfoss, Iceland, September 2007. European Communities, Luxembourg, pp. 99-106. ISBN 978-92-79-11775-6. STOCKING, M. 2008. Sustainable Land Management and its Relation to Climate Change. Sixteenth Session of the Commission for Sustainable Development, United Nations Headquarters, New York. STOCKING, M. 2008. Developing a Global Strategy to Combat Land Degradation and Promote Sustainable Land Management. Paper to the International Conference on Integrated Ecosystem Approaches and Applications, Beijing, 6-7 November. Invited presentation. FERRARO, P & STOCKING, M. 2007. Sustainable Forest Management: STAP Guidance on Implementing the New Work Program. STAP Briefing Paper. Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel to the Global Environment Facility, Washington DC, 8 pp. STOCKING, M. 2007. Land Degradation in the World’s Most Acutely Affected Areas: Impacts on Human Livelihoods Especially in Mountainous Regions. Lead Presentation at UN Forum on Sustainable Land Management, UN-HQ, New York, 27 March 2007, 7pp.

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SSA Africa, South America, S & SE Asia

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Working with the Global Environment Facility - I am Senior Adviser to the GEF Science Panel.