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1. Phylogeny, phenotypic and nuiritional characteristics of esturine soil actinomycetes having broad spectrum antimicrobial activity derived from an ecologically guided bioprodpecting programme. Anindita Mitra, Arnab Pramanik, Subhas Chandra Santa, Pradip Kumar Sen, Joydeep Mukherjee (2010) World J. Microbiol. Biotechnology. (2011) 27:1679 – 1688. 2. Textural characteristics of the surface sediments of tropical mangrove Sundarban ecosystem India. A.L.Ramanathan, K. Rajkumar, Jayjit Majumdar,Gurmeet Singh, P.N. Behara, S.C.Santra and S. Chidambaram (2009). Indian Journal of Marine Sciences, 38(4),pp.397-403. 3. A study of microbial diversity and its interaction with nutrients in the sediments of Sundarban mangroves, Ramanathan AL., Singh Gurmeet, Majumdar Jayjit, Samal A.C., Chauhan Rita, Ranjan Rajesh Kumar, Rajkumar K., and Santra S.C. (2008). Indian Journal of Marine Sciences, 37(2):159-165 4. Distribution of actinomycetes, their antagonistic behaviour and the physico-chemical characteristics of the world's largest tidal mangrove forest, Mitra, A., Santra, S. C. and Mukherjee, J.,(2008) Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 80(4):685-95 5. Isolation and Characterization of High Quality DNA from Marine Benthic Macroalgae, Chakraborty,S., Vijayan, K., Nair, C.V., Santra, S.C.,and Bhattacharya, T. 2008. J. Environ.Biol.. 29(6), 907-910. 6. Biochemical Composition of Eight Benthic Algae Collected from Sunderban. Chakraborty, S., and Santra, S.C. 2008. Indian Journal of Marine Sciences. 37(3). 329-332.

Countries of Research Interest

Mangrove region of India. For last two decades we are involve in the research activities of plant biodiversity, Microbes and Nutrient dynamics in sediments in Sundarban region.

Statement of Interest in the Call

We are planning to continue our research in assessing the climate change impact on Esturine environment and Bioprospecting of marine biota.