Parvin Sultana


Middlesex University


Flood Hazard Research Centre

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Publication in Relevant Areas

Sultana, P and Thompson, P.M. 2010. Local institutions for floodplain management in Bangladesh and the influence of the Flood Action Plan. Environmental Hazards 9(1): 26-42. Sultana, P, Johnson, C. and P. Thompson. 2008. The impact of major floods on flood policy evolution: insights from Bangladesh. International Journal of River Basin Management 6(special issue): 1-10. Sultana, P., Thompson, P. and C. Green. 2008. Can England Learn Lessons from Bangladesh in Introducing Participatory Floodplain Management? Water Resources Management 22(3): 357-376. Sultana, P., and Thompson, P.M. 2008. Gender and Local Floodplain Management Institutions -- A Case Study from Bangladesh. Journal of International Development 20: 53-68. Sultana, P. and S. Abeyasekera. 2008. Effectiveness of participatory planning for community management of fisheries in Bangladesh. Journal of Environmental Management 86(1): 201-213. Sultana, P and P. Thompson. 2007. Community Based Fisheries Management and Fisher Livelihoods: Bangladesh case studies. Human Ecology 35 (5): 527-546.

Countries of Research Interest

Bangladesh, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe

Statement of Interest in the Call

Natural resource management Community based initiatives/collective action Participation