Maria Sokolovska


Forest Research Institute, BAS, Sofia


Soil science

Publication in Relevant Areas

Sokolovska, M., J. Bech, L. Petrova, A. Lansac. 2002. Comparative studies on the processes of humus formation in soils from Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Spain. - In 7th International Meeting on Soils with Mediterranean Type of Climate (Selected Papers) - Options meditеrraneennes, Series A: Mediterranean seminars № 50, (Editors: P.Zdruli, P.Stedudo, S. Kapur), 149-156. Sokolovska, M., N. Stoyanova, M. Zhiyanski. 2004. Investigation on the plantation and soil conditions at the biosphere reserve “Parangalitza”. – Silva Balcanica, Issue 4 (1), 67-77. Zhiyanski, M., M. Sokolovska, L. Petrova. 2004. Soil organic matter in ecosystems from Rila Mountain – Forest science, №4, 69-82. Zhiyanski, M., K. Kolev, A. Hursthouse, M. Sokolovska. 2008. Land-use Change Effects on Soil Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Contents in Ecosystems from Central Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria – Journal of Balkan Ecology, vol.11, No 4, 397-411. Zhiyanski M., M. Sokolovska, T. Dimitrova. 2009. SOC stock in different forest-related land-uses in central Stara Planina Mountain, Bulgaria. - Bulletin of Serbia Geographical Society, year 2009, T. LXXXIX- Nо 4, 99-107. Sokolovska, M., M. Zhiyanski, N. Roca, J. Bech. 2011. Bioremediation of soils after open mining in Kremikovtzi region, Bulgaria. – In: Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 13, EGU2011-12195, 2011, EGU General Assembly 2011, EGU 03-08 April 2011, Vienna, Austria.

Countries of Research Interest

Algeria Morocco Tunisia Senegal Ghana France Belgium Spain Israel Lebanon Canada French Guiana French Polynesia Australia

Statement of Interest in the Call

soil science forests deforestation/afforestation degradation