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Selected publications Cerdan, O., Govers, G., Le Bissonnais, Y., Van Oost, K., Poesen, J., Saby, N., Gobin, A., Vacca, A., Quinton, J., Auerswald, K., Klik, A., Kwaad, F. J. P. M., Raclot, D., Ionita, I., Rejman, J., Rousseva, S., Muxart, T., Roxo, M. J., and Dostal, T. 2010. Rates and spatial variations of soil erosion in Europe: A study based on erosion plot data. Geomorphology, 122, 167-177 Quinton, J.N., Govers, G., Van Oost, K. and Bardgett, R.D. 2010. The impact of agricultural soil erosion on biogeochemical cycling. Nature Geosciences, 3, 311-314 Krueger, T., Freer, J., Quinton, J.N., Macleod, C.J.A., Bilotta, G.S., Brazier, R.E., Butler, P. & Haygarth, P.M. 2010. Ensemble evaluation of hydrological model hypotheses. Water Resources Research 46, W07516, doi:10.1029/2009WR007845. Deasy, C., Quinton, J.N., Silgram, M., Bailey, A.P., Jackson, B. and Stevens, C.J. 2009. Mitigation Options for Sediment and Phosphorus Loss from Winter-sown Arable Crops. Journal of Environmental Quality, 38, 2121-2130 Mati, B.M., Morgan, R.P.C. and Quinton, J.N. 2006. Application of EUROSEM to two catchments in Kenya. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 37: 579–588. Veihe, A., Rey, J., Quinton, J.N., Strauss, P., Sancho, F.M. and Somarriba, M. 2001. Modelling of event-based soil erosion in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Mexico: evaluation of the EUROSEM model. Catena, 44: 187-203. Quinton, J. and Rodriguez, F. 1999. Impact of live barriers on soil erosion in the Pairumani sub- catchment, Bolivia. Mountain Research and Development, 19: 292–299.

Countries of Research Interest

Research experience in South and Central America and Souther Africa Soil Scientist specializing in soil degradation and linkages to biogeochemical cycling and the pollution a of surface waters

Statement of Interest in the Call

Interactions between soil, water, vegetation and the provision of ecosystem services.