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Radhika Dave, Andriambolantsoa Rasolohery, Jeannicq Randrianarisoa, Michele Andrianarisata and James MacKinnon 2010. Climate adaptation for biodiversity, ecosystem services and livelihoods in rural Madagascar. In building resilience to climate change: ecosystem based adaptation and lessons from the field (Edited by Perez A.A., Fernandez B.H. and Gatti R.C). IUCN, Gland Switzerland, 164pp. Hannah, L., R. Dave, P.P. Lowry, S. Andelman, M. Andrianarisata, L. Andriamaro, A. Cameron, R. Hijmans, C. Kremen, J. MacKinnon, H.H.Randrianasolo, S. Andriambololonera, A. Razafimpahanana, H. Randriamahazo, J. Randrianarisoa, P. Razafinjatovo, C. Raxworthy, G.E. Schatz, M. Tadross, L. Wilme. 2008. Climate change adaptation for conservation in Madagascar. Biology Letters, 4(5):590-594

Countries of Research Interest

Madagascar, Comoros, Seychelles, Mauritius, Indonesia, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo