Dr Bruce A Lankford

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Publication in Relevant Areas

Lankford, B., Pringle, C., Dickens, C., Lewis, F., Mander, M., Chhotray, V., Goulden, M., Nxele Z. and. Quayle, L. 2010. Hydrological modelling of water allocation, ecosystem services and poverty alleviation in the Pongola Floodplain, South Africa. Submitted to Environmental Planning and Management. Lankford, B.A. and Hepworth, N. 2010. The Cathedral and the Bazaar: Monocentric and polycentric river basin management. Water Alternatives 3(1): 82-101. Pittock, J. and Lankford, B.A. 2010. Environmental water requirements: demand management in an era of water scarcity. Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences, 7(1):1–19. Lankford, B.A. 2009. The right irrigation? Policy directions for agricultural water management in sub-Saharan Africa. Water Alternatives 2(3): 476-480. Lankford, B.A., 2009. Responding to water scarcity – beyond the volumetric. In, Mehta, L. (ed) The Limits of Scarcity. Earthscan, London.

Countries of Research Interest

South Africa, Tanzania, Swaziland, others. ~30 years working in water and land management; including the following themes: • design-management interactions on large-scale canal irrigation systems • the dynamics of irrigation and river basin management in variable semi-arid environments, • irrigation policy in Sub-Saharan Africa • the use of games in democratizing natural resource management and water allocation, • farmer-centred institutional design around polycentric ideas of water governance • and more recently the trade-offs related to ecosystem services in the Phongola River Basin in South Africa.

Statement of Interest in the Call

Our collaborative team intend putting in a proposal for a large bid in Southern Africa on ESPA. This follows on from our capacity building project acquired in 2009 and will continue to focus on the same area and problems.