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Parsons, A.J., Abrahams, A.D. & Wainwright, J. 1996 Responses of interrill runoff and erosion rates to vegetation change in southern Arizona, Geomorphology, 14, 311-317. Parsons, A.J., Stromberg, S.G.L. & M. Greener, M. 1998 Sediment-transport competence of rain-impacted interrill overland flow, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 23, 365-375. Parsons, A.J., Wainwright, J., Abrahams, A.D. & Stone, P. 1`999 Transmission losses in rills on dryland hillslopes, Hydrological Processes, 13, 2897-2905. Schlesinger, W.E., Abrahams, A.D., Parsons, A.J. & Wainwright, J. 1999 Nutrient losses in runoff from grassland and shrubland habitats in southern New Mexico, Biogeochemistry 45, 21-34. Boardman, J., Parsons, A.J., Holland, R., Holmes, P.J. & Washington, R. 2003 Development of badlands and gullies in the Sneeuberg, Great Karoo, South Africa. Catena, 50, 165-184. Müller, E.N., Wainwright, J. and Parsons A.J. 2007 The Stability of Vegetation Boundaries and the Propagation of Desertification in the American Southwest: A Modelling Approach Ecological Modelling 208, 91-101.

Countries of Research Interest

USA, South Africa, Ethiopia, Senegal