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J. E. Cinner, T. R. Mcclanahan, M A. Macneil, N. A. J. Graham, T. M. Daw, A. Mukminin, F. A. Januchowski-Hartley, D. A. Feary, A. H. Baird, A. L. Rabearisoa, N. Jiddawi, S. J. Campbell, A. Wamukota, S. Hamed, R. Lahari, T. Morove and J. Kuange. Comanagement of coral reef social-ecological systems. 2012. PNAS 109: 5219-5222; doi:10.1073/pnas.1121215109 David Obura, Thomas Andrew Oliver, Giuseppe Di Carlo and Ando Rabearisoa (eds.). 2011. A marine rapid biodiversity assessment in the Northeast of Madagascar. Bulletin of Biological Assessment 61. Conservation International. Arlington. Virginia. 102 pp. Philippe Méral, Géraldine Froger, Fano Andriamahefazafy and Ando Rabearisoa. 2011. Financing protected areas in Madagascar: new methods In Aubertin, Catherine and Rodary, Estienne (Eds.). Protected Areas, sustainable lands ? Ashgate Editions. Pp 87-105. Joshua E. Cinner, Andrew Wamukota, Herilala Randriamahazo and Ando Rabearisoa. 2009. Toward institutions for community-based management of inshore marine resources in the Western Indian Ocean. Marine Policy, vol. 33, issue 3, pp 489-496.

Countries of Research Interest

madagascar, marine resources management, economic valuation of environmental resources

Statement of Interest in the Call

Interest in the socioeconomic aspects of the call particularly the integration of biodiversity and ecosystem services with poverty alleviation.