Aidan Keane


University College London & the Zoological Society of London


Department of Anthropology & the Institute of Zoology

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Razafimanahaka, H.J., Jenkins, R.K.B., Andriafidison, D., Randrianandrianina, F., Rakotomboavonjy, V., Keane, A. & Jones, J.P.G. Novel method for quantifying illegal bushmeat consumption suggests less hunting within a protected area. Accepted for publication in Oryx. Keane, A., Jones, J.P.G. & Milner-Gulland. E.J. (2012) Heterogeneity matters: the effect of community composition on compliance with conservation rules. Available in online FirstView at Environmental Conservation. DOI: 10.1017/S0376892912000124 St John, F.A.V., Keane, A., Edwards-Jones, G., Jones, L., Yarnell, R. & Jones, J.P.G. (2012). Identifying indicators of illegal behaviour: carnivore-killing in human managed landscapes. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 279(1729): 804-12. Jenkins, R.K.B., Keane, A., Rakotoarivelo, A.A., Rakotomboavonjy, V., Randrianandrianina, F.H., Razafimanahaka, H.J., Ralaiarimalala, S. R. & Jones, J.P.G. (2011) Analysis of patterns of bushmeat consumption reveals extensive exploitation of protected species in eastern Madagascar. PLoS ONE 6(12): e27570. Travers, H., Clements, T., Keane, A., & Milner-Gulland. E.J. (2011). Levelling the playing field: The effects of institutional controls on common pool resource extraction. Ecological Economics, 71, 151-161. Keane, A., Ramarolahy, A.A., Milner-Gulland. E.J. & Jones, J.P.G. (2011) Evidence for the effects of education and environmental engagement on knowledge of wildlife laws in Madagascar. Conservation Letters, 4, 55-63.

Countries of Research Interest

Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar

Statement of Interest in the Call

My interests lie in understanding how human behaviour and decision-making affect the biodiversity and human welfare outcomes of conservation and resource management interventions in complex social-ecological systems. I am currently working carrying out research as part of an ESPA-funded Programme Framework grant on Biodiversity, Ecosystem services, Social sustainability and Tipping points in East African drylands.