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Past events

Venue:North side 8th Floor, Bush House, Kings College London
  An evening event to share what we've learned from 9 years and £43m of research, and explore its implications for the future of funding, research and policy.   (Please note that attendance at this event is by invitation only....
  ESPA's final webinar explored conceptual and methodological advancements for measuring environmental dimensions of poverty and wellbeing, and the implications for meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. New insights This...
How can research help address the global challenges of our times, and result in positive change in the lives of poor and marginalised communities? This webinar discussed what had been learned from a decade of ESPA's experience in...
Venue: BRAC Centre Inn, 75 Mohakhali, Dhaka 1212
Through three events in Dhaka, ESPA engaged with Bangladeshi local and national governments, national and international non-governmental organisations, researchers and the media to share relevant insights from across the whole of...
Venue:ICIMOD campus, Kathmandu, Nepal
Practical approaches to improving human wellbeing and natural resources in South Asia Organisers: The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and ESPA in close collaboration with the Ministry of Forests...
Venue:World Agroforestry Centre, Nairobi, Kenya
Outputs from the ESPA African Finale Conference As one of ESPA's final major events, this conference brought together policymakers, practitioners and researchers to reflect on how new approaches to managing Africa's...
Venue:Lecture Hall, Second Floor, National Agriculture Science Complex, Pusa, New Delhi
A stakeholder engagement event ​This event explored the potential of ecosystem services in peri-urban and urban environments, gathering insights from the ESPA paper Making the most of peri-urban ecosystem services and the...
Venue:International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), 80-86 Grays Inn Rd, London WC1X 8NH
A conditional in-kind transfer: A Mayor (left) gives a water tank to a local man (middle) in exchange for conservation efforts – facilitated by an non-governmental organisation (NGO) director (right). An evening of...
How can research better inform development policy and practice? This webinar gave those involved an opportunity to learn from ESPA's experience in funding, carrying out, and assessing interdisciplinary research for development...
Venue:Bonn, Germany
The Global Landscapes Forum is the world’s largest science-led multi-sectoral platform for integrated land use.  Throughout the two days of this important event in Bonn, Germany, we exhibited and talked about ESPA research on...