ESPA Working Paper Series

ESPA Working Papers





The ESPA Working Paper Series provides a platform to share significant findings and learning from ESPA research projects.

Authors may create an ESPA Working Paper to share an idea and elicit feedback before submitting to a peer-reviewed conference or academic journal, or to disseminate learning that may not be eligible for presentation at a conference or journal publication, such as papers providing practical guidance or those focused on ESPA specific outputs.

Working Papers are not peer reviewed but all papers accepted by the ESPA Directorate for inclusion in the Working Paper series will be finalised, fully proofed versions of the publication. In this way, they are considered as part of the ‘grey literature’ related to the ESPA programme and may be cited without seeking prior permission from the author.

Papers will be published online only and will carry the ESPA Working Paper Series ISSN number. ESPA reserves the right to remove a working paper from the website.

Who can submit a paper?


Any ESPA affiliated researcher may submit a working paper, including post-doctorates and research associates. Authors must gain approval from the ESPA Lead Principal Investigator of the relevant project and the ESPA Directorate before the paper can be considered for publication.

The ESPA Directorate may also commission work directly for the Working Paper Series. In particular, ESPA will consider proposals from the ESPA Working Groups as well as proposals to synthesise ESPA literature that fall outside the scope of the ESPA 2016 Synthesis call.

For more information contact: manager [at]

Author guidance

  • All manuscripts should conform to ESPA Working Paper Series house style. Download the template or contact communication [at]
  • Papers must include an abstract of no more than 200 words.
  • Please submit manuscripts as Word files.
  • References should follow APA style.
  • Please proofread your paper thoroughly before submission. The content of the paper is the responsibility of the author.
  • Copyright of the paper remains with the author or their assignees.

Submit your final paper to manager [at]