South America

High in the Andes, ESPA researchers – together with local farmers – have created models that predict land use impacts on the fragile alpine wetlands that act as natural water tanks.

While deep in the Bolivian jungle, other ESPA researchers have asked whether REDD+ payments could be made fairer and more effective.

And in Colombia, as farmland encroaches on what once was forest, the ESPA ASSETS team is working with poor communities and seeing how their food security and nutritional health are affected by living along this newly shifting frontier.

Situational Analysis - Amazon/Andes Region

Consortium Director:

Dr Roberto Porro, Amazon Initiative Consortium for Conservation & Sustainable Resource Use, Brazil


  • Dr Silvia Benitez, The Nature Conservancy, USA
  • Dr Jorge Rubiano, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia
  • Dr Mark Mulligan, King's College London, UK
  • Dr Luis German Naranjo, WWF, Colombia
  • Dr Andy Jarvis, International Centre for Tropical Agriculture, Colombia

See the following from the project: Final Report Part 1Final Report Part 2, plus Annexes.