ESPA funded work in China has created a world first:  an environmental health index – akin to the FTSE 100 – that allows policy-makers to monitor how their decisions have impacted on beneficial natural services.

River deltas are home to hundreds of millions worldwide – many of them extremely poor –and in addition to population pressure, these areas are prone to subsidence, sea level rise and land degradation. These complex relationships between health, livelihoods and environment are now being studied in coastal Bangladesh.

Other projects have explored how culture, knowledge, values, and attitudes also affect people’s responses to ecosystem change, and how Payments for Ecosystem Services schemes can create conflicts between ‘winners’ and ‘losers’.

Situational Analysis - China Region

Consortium Director:

Prof Zhang Li-Jian, Chinese Academy for Agricultural Science


  • Prof Ma Zonglin, Ningxia Centre for Environment and Poverty Alleviation, China
  • Prof Wu Zhandong, Ningxia Development and Reform Commission, China
  • Dr Neville Ash, UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre, UK
  • Dr Loke Wai Hong, CAB International, Malaysia
  • Dr Christine Tam, Stanford University (The Natural Capital Project), USA
  • Dr Andrew Challinor, Walker Institute for Climate Systems Research at the University of Reading, UK

See the following from the project: the Final Report, the Ningxia Case Study and Annexes.

Situational Analysis - India Hindu Kush Himalaya Region

Consortium Director:

Dr RK Pachauri, The Energy & Resources Institute, India


  • Dr Lucy Emerton, World Conservation Union (IUCN), Sri Lanka
  • Prof Ed Maltby, Institute for Sustainable Water, Integrated Management and Ecosystem Research (SWIMMER) at the University of Liverpool, UK
  • Dr Imran Matin, BRAC University, Bangladesh
  • Dr Shaheen Khan, Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Pakistan

See the following from the project: the website at; the project's Final Report, plus Annex coverAnnex A Discussion PaperAnnex B Country ReportsAnnex C Workshop Reports