Newsletters: The ESPA Directorate publishes regular e-newsletters which provide up-to-date information about the ESPA programme as well as other news of relevance to the wider ESPA community.

Impact Notes: The Directorate also publishes a series of Impact Notes, and other occasional publications, such as this recent leaflet about the programme.

Twitter: You can follow both the Directorate (@espadirectorate) and the ESPA Director, Paul van Gardingen (@espa_director), on Twitter. A number of ESPA projects also now have their own Twitter accounts.

Videos: Videos produced by the ESPA and by its projects can be found here.

Examples of where ESPA has been featured elsewhere can be found in the ESPA in the News section.

Any questions or comments on Communications can be communication [at] (subject: ESPA%20Communications) (emailed) to ESPA Communications Advisor.